Kingfish on St. Pete Beach


Fall Fishing Near St. Pete Beach

Fall Fishing on St. Pete Beach

One of the greatest things about fishing in St. Petersburg is the transition in seasons.  The change in weather allows for a fun day out on the water targeting a greave variety of different species.

Fishing during the colder weather

Fall is here and has brought the cold fronts with it!  Now you know down here in Florida anything below 70 degrees and we’re breaking out the winter clothes, ha ha but seriously, it does move the fish and it’s important to recognize and target what’s biting right now and where.

Here are a few fish that have started to make an appearance.

Catch Flounder on St. Pete Beach

Flounder have shown up and the techniques to catch them are fairly simple.  Like most fish, flounder like a moving current but typically hide in the sand waiting to ambush prey.  Look for sandy ledges and use a heavy enough weight to get to the bottom.  Both live shrimp and white bait work really well.  Bouncing jig heads with soft plastic is also effective technique.

Catch Sheephead on St. Pete Beach

Sheephead also start get thick in the fall and are often ignored but make for an easy target as well as excellent table fare.  You can find sheephead concentrated at docks and bridge pilings.  A small hook with a crab, piece of shrimp or barnacle will do the trick.

Catch Kingfish Near St. Pete Beach

Kingfish migrate up and down the coast seeking their desired water temperature and diet.  Here on the West Coast of Florida, kingfish arrive in numbers mainly in the fall and spring.  Hooking up with a big king is an exhilarating experience!  There is a lot of preparation that goes into a successful trip and there are few fish that you can catch inshore that will provide the same level of excitement and adventure.  Now is a great time to book a trip to get out there to experience the fun of hooking into a big one!


flounder on st. pete beach  Sheepshead on St. Pete Beach
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