How to Catch a Tarpon on St. Pete Beach

What is a Tarpon?

Tarpon are one of the oldest fish in our Florida ecosystems. Fossil research shows that these fish have been swimming these waters since the prehistoric times. The top of a Tarpon will usually have a steel blue or green top with a silver color on their sides and underbelly. They have a thick, deep body, a tail that is forked and a dorsal fin that is accompanied by a long trailer. These fish are famous for their frequent jumps and long battles. While Tarpon are not an edible fish, anglers seek out this trophy fish in hopes of snapping a picture with the 100+ pound premier game fish!

St Pete Beach Tarpon


How big do Tarpon get?

This fish can range anywhere from 12 inches and 45 pounds, all the way up to 8ft and  150+ pounds. While 75 pounds is the average, it’s not unusual to catch a giant one in the range of 100 – 150 pounds! The Florida record for largest one is currently 243 pounds.

Tarpon Fishing in Tampa Bay


Where can you catch a Tarpon?

This fish is usually found in shallow waters warm waters. This makes it primarily an inshore fish, hanging around mangrove trees, seagrass areas and salt marshes. Larger ones can be found in large passes, channels, inlets but are often also seen along the beaches and shorelines.

Tarpon St. Pete Beach



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