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St. Pete Beach Snapper Fishing

It’s mid summer which means avoiding the heat is an option you don’t have. While the summer does offer the best opportunity to land huge snook or tarpon, that may not be what you are in the mood for. If catching a lot of fishing and bringing home some delicious dinner is more your speed, then a snapper charter is just what you are looking for!

St. Pete Beach Snapper

Inshore mangrove snappers are plentiful in the summer and can be taken to your kitchen for some good table fare. A generous five snapper, ten inches or larger can be legally thrown in your iced cooler. That’s five fish per person, all year in Florida.

Where is the best place to catch Snapper?

This species of fish can literally be caught anywhere, but rock piles and docks are where you will find their welcome home mat.

Although most docks will hold snapper, certain docks will hold bigger and larger quantities of fish. But throwing your bait at every dock you encounter is not a great use of your time. Instead, target the docks that are on a corner or a bend. These types of docks hold more fish because the current moves faster. Snapper like this because it makes it easier for them to ambush prey.

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What is the best bait and tackle for Snapper fishing?

Snapper are not picky as long as your bait is presented properly. We use size one circle or J hooks tied line to line to a 20lb liter. Well presented live shrimp will always work but small greenbacks and fresh cut bait are going to be your best bet. To determine the proper sized weight to use, you will need to first gauge how fast the tide is moving in your area. If the current is very slow, free lining your bait may be the best option. Remember, the overall goal is to use a light enough weight to slowly get your bait to the bottom.

If you are using a weight that is too heavy, you may not feel the subtle bite of the Snapper. There is a fine line between the right and wrong weight size. The best way to learn is to experiment and find the right fit. Luckily, we have been doing this for many years and have honed our skills to make sure you fill the cooler!

Snapper Fishing on St. Pete Beach

Let’s Go Inshore Fishing on St. Pete Beach!

St. Pete Beach Charters is the Official family charter of St. Pete Beach. When you book a charter with Captain Kenny, he will take the time to get to know you and your family personally. He will explain all ins and outs of fishing on St. Pete Beach. He is passionate about making sure you and your family have the best time possible and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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