Snook fishing on St. Pete Beach


Snook Season on St. Pete Beach

Snook Fishing St. Pete Beach Charters

Snook Season In Open In Florida!

Spring snook season is officially open and any experienced fisherman will tell you that spring season is much different then summer snook season. The water is warming up, and for most of the winter, the snook has been mainly surviving on stored fat cells, very similar to a bear in hibernation. But now they are making their way back into the flats, mangroves, bridges and eventually to the beach, making this the perfect time to book a charter and catch a snook!

Why go snook fishing on St. Pete Beach?

The common snook, which may not be so common after all, is an anglers dream to go to war with on light tackle. They provide you with a fight which is like no other; jumping, thrashing and if it’s big enough they have no problem smoking plenty of line off your reel. This is a challenging fish to catch because of it’s unmistakable chew and it’s tendency to try to break you off by running your line into any object that it sees. Landing a trophy snook is a challenge and will leave you satisfied.

Snook Season in Florida

What is the best way to catch a snook?

Light tackle is imperative for successfully fishing the snook especially in shallow clear water. Use a long 20-30 lb fluorocarbon liter and fish them with light drag unless you are near heavy structure. They have excellent eye site and they will see your liter and hook if it is too heavy. Personally, if i’m using small greenbacks, which is my bait of choice in the spring, I use a size one owner circle. Circle hooks will get them in the corner of the mouth which increases your odds of your liter not getting chaffed. It is imperative that you make sure your bait is extremely active upon casting. Snook are smart and will often not eat a injured bait because it gives them more time to assess the situation. A lively bait will sometimes cause a reaction strike. A moving tide is also a must.  Snook will line up against the tide and wait to ambush prey. If you no where the snook are sitting, do not cast on top of them. Cast up tide and wait for your bait to drift into them.

Snook Season St. Pete Beach


Captain Kenny’s Tip:

Have patience when it comes to snook fishing. It’s not an easy fish to target but the reward is like no other. It’s important to keep in mind that Snook in different areas will eat on different tides, so if you’re not at the right spot on the right tide, you may be able to see them, but you will have difficulty catching them. Try different spots during different tides until you find the right combination. Try not to get frustrated and most importantly have fun! 

Let’s Go Inshore Fishing on St. Pete Beach!

St. Pete Beach Charters is the Official family charter of St. Pete Beach. When you book a charter with Captain Kenny, he will take the time to get to know you and your family personally. He will explain all in-and-outs of fishing on St. Pete Beach. He is passionate about making sure you and your family have the best time possible and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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